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AutoBrite Direct

AutoBrite - Blendz Wheel Sealant 30ml

Marke: AutoBrite Direct
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BLENDZ wheel sealant is easy to apply and remove, but provides fantastic water, oil and soiling repellence, as well as chemical and weather resistance to the wax layer through fluorinated polymer additives. For the ultimate in wheel protection! Blendz Wheel Sealant is perfect all alloy wheel surfaces including gloss, diamond cut, matt/satin & powder coated finishes.

A great wheel sealant that provides a combination of outstanding finish and longevity. Every pot of Autobrite's Blendz Wheel Sealant is hand-made and hand-poured to ensure consistent high quality. Whilst specially developed to give supreme performance, the hard wheel sealant is also very easy to use and buff off with little effort. Suitable for both demanding car lovers and first time users the Blendz Wheel Sealant is without compromise.

Blendz Wheel Sealant provides a tough barrier against brake dust and delivers an excellent shine for your wheels. When applied to the wheels Blendz Wheel Sealant will protect and add that gloss shine to the look and make wheel cleaning easy to achieve. Also Blendz Wheel Sealant protects your wheel surface against high temperatures that come from your braking system giving longer and maximum protection.


Product Features:


  • Superb protection from brake dust, dirt and grime

  • Leaves a gloss, protective barrier on the surface

  • Easy to maintain for future wheel cleans

  • Suitable for high temperature alloy wheels

  • Ideal for any polished or painted metal surface

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