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Great Lion - Blizzard Active+ Snow Foam 1L

Marke: Great-Lion
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Great-lion Blizzard Active +


Powerful formula specially developed for the thorough cleaning of all vehicles. This product is unique due to its extremely precise composition of high-quality ingredients and therefore its strong cleaning capacity. These high-tech raw materials have the property of stepping under the dirt and thus loosening the connection between dirt and vehicle. As a result, the cleaning capacity of this product is both large and safe and the surface of your vehicle will shine more and not be affected. This product has been developed in such a way that it can also be used as a Snow Foam. In use with a Foam Lance this will create beautiful creamy foam.

Do you already wash without contact? Then let our product surprise you ... Affordable and almost neutral washing with a PH of 8/9 is really possible !! Our product does not affect the paint. This means your vehicle will retain its natural luster for longer. Test it yourself ...

We recommend using the following foam attachments for this product:

Great-lion high quality Foam Lance

You can also use the Gloria Foammaster FM10 or the Gloria Foammaster FM50, for example.

PH value Concentrate: 12

PH value when used: 8/9

Car: 20 - 100 ml
Truck: 40 - 200 ml
Trailer / trailer: 80 - 600 ml


  • Thorough cleaning of all vehicles
  • Can be used as Foam and as a spray
  • Crawls under the pollution
  • Removes dirt from the surface
  • Water-based formula
  • Can also be used as a contactless cleaner
  • Less harmful to people and the environment1. High-pressure Foam Lance: Dilute 200 ml of


  1. Blizzard Active + in the bottle with 800 ml of water and adjust to nice, firm foam using the adjusting knob. (2.5 - 7%)
  2. High-pressure foam attachment: Adjust the suction hose so that between 25 ml - 70 ml per liter of water is sucked up. (2.5 - 7%)
  3. Pressure spray: 25 - 70 ml Blizzard Active + dilute with water to 1000 ml final product (2.5 - 7%)
  4. Sponge / brush: 20 - 50 ml Blizzard Active + dilute with water to 5000 ml final product. (0.4-1%)

Slide in the car or spray it, let it soak in for 1 to 5 minutes (do not let it dry) and then rinse with plenty of water with a high-pressure cleaner. When using a brush / sponge, dab the car and let it soak, then rinse with plenty of water.

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