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Brühl Dryer MD2800 PRO

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Brühl MD2800 PRO with double turbine

The MD2800 PRO is our strongest dryer. It is perfect for two-wheelers, carts, quads but also large cars such as SUVs. Due to its high performance, it is the optimum tool for professionals in garages and laundries.

This vehicle dryer must not be missing in any garage! It is perfect for years to look after and keep you in good condition. With the MD2800 PRO, corrosion and rust are no longer a problem for you. After a rain shower, your vehicle is exposed to, or after washing the vehicle, it must always be dry. Because moisture can quickly rust on screws, threads and metal parts. Thanks to this thorough drying method, no water stains will remain on the surface of your vehicle. Polishing is not required.

The two turbines of the vehicle dryer produce 1,400W each. The high total efficiency of 2,800 W allows a drying time of just 5 minutes for a motorcycle.

The places that cannot be reached with a traditional cloth in laborious manual work, thanks to the three different accessories supplied, thoroughly dried. Reaching every corner is easy with the MD2800 PRO.

The hose is compressed to 1.50 meters at rest, which saves storage space. When the device is put into service, the hose expands to twice the length due to the air flow. This allows you to easily dry the vehicle from any side.

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