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GL - Brutal Insect Remover

Marke: GL
Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

This product quickly and easily eliminates insect residues on the front of the vehicle. Due to its composition, it is powerful in its action and, in addition to dead insects, it can also easily dissolve splashed dirt that has started to adhere to the surface. However, the composition of the product is such that it does not affect a wax or coating.

Brutal softens the connection between the insect and the paint by means of very friendly technical ingredients that are completely safe for the paint, unlike many other brands that have this effect on the caustic properties of caustic soda.



Spraying on product. Let the product act for a few minutes. Do not use in full sun, not on a warm panel and do not allow to dry. Rinse generously with water.

Repeat this treatment for insect residues that have been burned in for a long time or use detail clay and / or a polishing agent.


Note: you can also work the product with a microfibre cloth or wash mitt to remove the insects even more easily.

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