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ScratchShield - Bucket 20,5L + ScratchShield Grit "Rinse"

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The filter ensures that sand and grit remains at the bottom of the bucket, so that the washing water remains clean and the chance of wax cart is greatly reduced.

The bucket contains a ScratchShield logo with the text Wheels, this bucket is therefore ideal to keep separate for washing the rims!

The bucket contains a ScratchShield logo with the text Rinse, this bucket is to rinse your washmitt before you put it in the bucket Wash again.

The bucket contains a ScratchShield logo with the text Wash, this bucket is for the clean water with your favorite shampoo.


Consisting of,


  • Bucket 20.5 liters Wheels, Rinse, Wash
  • ScratchShield filter (red)


How to use:


  1. Place the Scratch Shield on the bottom of the bucket.
  2. Rub the Washmitt or sponge in the bucket every time over the Scratch Shield to get rid of the dirt.
  3. The dirt disappears in the bottom of the bucket and will remain there.
  4. For optimum safety, use two buckets to wash the car / motorcycle / truck etc, one to rinse out the washmitt (Rinse) and one to take clean suds (Wash).


Benefits of the Scratch Shield:


  • The filter ensures that sand and dirt can sink down so that it can not damage the paint.
  • The Filter fits in buckets with a diameter of 238mm measured 65mm from the bottom.
  • Sand and dirt do not remain on the Shield.
  • Footplates ensure that the water remains calm and dirt does not come up.
  • Thanks to the adjustable legs, the scratchsield has a stable surface.


How to use:


  1. Place the Scratch Shield upside down in the middle of the bucket with the pegs for the footplates facing up. Make sure the scratchshield is always in the middle.
  2. Position the numbered footplates in sequence in such a way that the ends touch the bucket. Do not press it until the correct fit has been achieved.
  3. When you are satisfied with the result, turn the ScratchShield to apply pressure to the top to lock the footplates.
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