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Gentleman Leather Care

Gentleman Leather Care - Clean and Conditioner Set

Marke: Gentleman Leather Care
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Lozione 22

Lotion22 will not discolor the leather (if this happens, the color we see transferring is already damaged and only placed on the backing along with the dirt), always safe by returning the surface to its original opacity.

Leather specific cleaner, for safe handling, ready to use.

Use: Clear plastics, Plastics with soft touch, internal and external rubbers, external plastics.


Crema 15

Ready to use Application: Pour a few drops of product on an applicator, spread on the surface and let dry, if streaks remain, run over the product or help with a microfibre cloth. Dried in 3/12 hours (depending on the layers applied). Duration: from 1 to 3 months (remarkable brand effect) Crema15 was born as a care and maintainer for leather, artificial leather or lacquered materials that feel soft in the car.


Horsehair brush

This brush from GLC is soft for leather, Alcantara, plastics and convertible tops!




  • Vacuum the seams of the leather, for example use a compressor if you cannot reach them with the
  • vacuum cleaner/brush.
  • Provide 4-6 microfibre cloths
  • Applicator for the Crema 15 to be applied
  • Bucket of lukewarm water if the leather is very dirty
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