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Kenotek - Coat It Ceramic Boost 500ml

Marke: Kenotek
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Kenotek Coat It Ceramic Boost spray provides excellent protection to the paint that is extremely water-repellent and dirt-repellent. Thanks to De Kenotek Ceramic Boost, water will slide off the car paint with a pearly effect. In addition to the protective function, this spray also ensures an increased gloss of the car paint. In addition, the Kenotek Ceramic Boost is the perfect maintenance product to extend the life of existing ceramic coatings. This professional spray is very easy to apply, very user-friendly and offers up to 6 months of protection!




  1. Surface must be completely cleaned
  2. Highly recommended to polish the surface first so that there are no scratches in the car paint
  3. Use Kenotek Pre Coat to clean the surface
  4. Shake Ceramic Boost before use
  5. Spray Ceramic Boost on a clean microfibre cloth or pad
  6. Rub vertically up and down, then horizontally left and right (make sure the coated surfaces overlap)
  7. Buff it dry
  8. Allow the coated surface to dry for 4 hours and avoid contact with water
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