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Carpro - CQuartz DLUX Plastic and Wheels Coat 30ml

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CQuartz DLUX is a glass coating that is suitable for rims and plastic. This unique product is not a wax but a glass coating that gives a long lasting protection to your precious rims and plastic parts. CQuartz DLUX can provide protection for up to a year.


When using on rims:


The preliminary work is crucial to achieve a long service life. Make sure the rims are clean. Then remove the stabilized brake dust with Iron.X and possibly with splashes with Tar.X. For the best result, the rims can still be polished to remove all dirt and small scratches. After this, it is very important to thoroughly degrease the rim with CarPro Eraser. Now the DLUX can be applied with the supplied applicator block and microsuede tissue. Small corners and spokes can be treated with a lint-free make-up pad. After (depending on the temperature) 1 to 10 minutes the residue can be removed with a microsuede cloth. (this can go a bit stiff)


Use on plastic:


Make sure the surface is clean, then degrease well with CarPro Eraser. After this, the DLUX can be applied with the supplied applicator block and microsuede tissue or a lint-free make-up pad. The residue should be removed with a microsuede cloth, depending on the temperature, between 1 and 10 minutes.

It is important not to expose the treated surface to water for 24 hours.




CQuartz DLUX 30ml
CQuartz Applicator
4 microsuede wipes 10x10cm

Any extra requirements:


  • CarPro Iron.X (cleaning the rim)
  • CarPro Tar.X (remove tar)
  • CarPro Eraser (Degreasing the rim)
  • MicroSuede cloth (removing the coating)


DLUX Manual

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