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Procar - Crystal Clear Glass 10L

Marke: Procar
Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

Procar Crystal Clear cleans windows and smooth surfaces quickly and effortlessly, without the use of water. Removes dust, fingerprints and handprints, grease, flies, nicotine deposits, etc. Ideal for dirty car windows, windows, display cases, mirrors, etc. Gives a streak-free result. Can also be used for degreasing car paints. Product has an ammonia odor. For use in garages, transport, washing areas, sign industry, etc. Very easy and quick to process. Does not leave streaks. Available in handy trigger packaging. Spray the surface to be treated with a sprayer, let it work for a while and then rub it out and dry with a clean piece of Procar paper. Avoid contact with varnished or unvarnished woodwork.

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