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AutoBrite Direct

AutoBrite - DBS Pro Detailing Brush Set

Marke: AutoBrite Direct
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Our Ultra-soft DBS Pro brush set has been developed with light cleaning duties in mind. Specifically suited to sensitive areas where traditional brushes may damage. These brushes use zero metal components meaning no sharp edges and the textured grip makes handling easier and more precise.
The set contains a 1 x 16cm brush which is perfect for sensitive interior trim and a 1 x 24cm brush for exterior surfaces such as grilles, badges, and gloss plastic trim. The plastic body and synthetic super soft bristle design allow for both wet and dry use without fear of swelling or cracking as with traditional wooden-handled brushes.



Caring for your DBS Pro brushes.

Dirt and debris should be cleaned from the bristles regularly when used wet and allowed to dry naturally. Ensure damp brushes are stored upright where possible to prevent deformation of the super soft bristles.

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