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CarPro - Descale 500ml

Marke: CarPro
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CarPro Descale is an acidic car shampoo that has been specially designed to remove accumulated minerals and limescale and to breathe new life into ceramic coatings.

Hard water is a big problem in several areas and can cause annoying limescale and water stains on the paint. CARPRO Descale car shampoo is made to remove these stubborn minerals from coated or even uncoated cars. It breaks down the built up minerals that reduce gloss and restores the smoothness of ceramic coatings, while bringing back its hydrophobic character, affected by mineral stains!

Descale can be used to remove waxes and sealants. This car shampoo can therefore be used prior to a full detail. It is not suitable as a maintenance shampoo.


Do use Descale with:


  • Coated vehicles that are heavily exposed to hard water (lime)
  • Coated vehicles that have lost their hydrophobicity
  • Neglected vehicles
  • Commencement of a full detail to strip wax/sealant

Do not use Descale if:


  • The vehicle is equipped with a wax or sealant and you do not want to wax it again
  • Regular wash: Use CarPro Reset for this



  • Dilute 1:100 in a bucket and 1:10 in a sprayer
  • For light soiling: use Descale as snow foam and let it soak in as much as possible without letting it dry and rinse well
  • For heavy soiling: wash panel by panel and let Descale act for as long as possible without letting it dry
  • Rinse well and dry with a drying cloth or blower
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