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CarPro - Essence Plus Top Jeweling Agent 250ml

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CarPro has once again managed to develop a unique tool for Detailers: CarPro Essence Plus!

CarPro Essence Plus is a unique SiO2 coating that can be used as protection for uncoated lacquers or to restore existing ceramic coatings. Coatings are applied to protect the varnish for a few years, but unfortunately coatings over time can also develop fine scratches and swirls. The only way to date was to remove the existing coating and apply a new one. This way is very time consuming and therefore expensive. Essence plus now introduces a non-polishing way to restore fine swirls in ceramic coatings while simultaneously increasing gloss and hydrophobic properties. The surface becomes as smooth as glass and provides excellent protection for up to a year.




  • High Gloss Jeweling Agent
  • Repairs nano / ceramic coatings
  • Provides a layer of SiO2 Quartz protection
  • Excellent water repellency
  • Gives enormous shine
  • Can be processed by hand or with a Dual Action Polisher
  • Cleans, gives shine and protection to uncoated varnish, PPF, chrome and glass
  • Developed for professional use on existing coatings



  1. Wash the vehicle with CarPro Reset, remove contaminants with Iron.X, Spotless and Tar.X
  2. Dry the vehicle and grease the surface with CarPro Eraser

With a Dual Action Polisher


  1. Prime a CarPro Gloss pad with Essence Plus
  2. Apply Essence plus to the machine without pressure on the machine in overlapping movements at speed 1-3 and do a maximum of 60x60 cm
  3. Remove residue with a good microfiber cloth
  4. Clean the pad with a brush and put 4 drops on the pad the size of a pea
  5. Go to the next part and repeat steps 2 to 4




Take a soft applicator pad such as a wax applicator
Put some Essence on the Applicator Pad
Do not apply pressure to the pad and treat the panel with circular movements until you have done a 60x60 cm section
Let the Essence plus dry until a haze occurs.
Wipe off with a CarPro Boa cloth
Go to the next part and repeat steps 2 to 5

Points of attention:


  • Only use a CarPro Gloss Finishing Pad on coated vehicles with a dual Action machine
    Close the bottle properly after use
  • Do not allow the bottle to stand in the sun
  • Always test Essence plus in an inconspicuous place
  • Do not use Essence Plus as a primer for a coating, use the "normal" Essence for that
  • Content: 250ml
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