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CarPro - Gliss Hyper Slick Coat 30ml

Marke: CarPro
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CarPro Gliss V2 is the new innovation from CarPro for an ultra smooth, shiny and water repellent surface. This great top coating can be used on top of existing Cquartz coatings or as a standalone coating.
Where normal coatings can feel rather rough, CarPro Gliss gives an unrivaled smoothness that you will not find anywhere else. In addition, Gliss gives a great shine and an extremely strong hydrophobic effect.

Gliss V2 has an even better resistance to chemicals, water spots and pollution and also offers even better smoothness.

Use as a standalone coating:


  1. Wash and dry the car thoroughly.
  2. Provide a well-prepared surface by polishing.
  3. Degrease the paint with CarPro Eraser.
  4. Apply some Gliss to the suede cloth and apply in straight lines. Cover a small area at a time and overlap between sections.
  5. Wipe the residue with a microfibre cloth.
  6. Fully cured after 24 hours without rain / water. Remove any rain / water immediately.

Use as top coating on top of Cquartz:


  • After applying the Cquartz coating, wait at least 4 hours before applying the Gliss.
  • Gliss can also be used on top of existing Cquartz coatings that have been on it for some time.
  • CarPro Gliss has a service life of 6 to 12 months.



  • 1 bottle of CarPro Gliss V2 - 30ml
  • 1 CarPro Applicator Pad
  • 4 microsuede wipes


Gliss Manual

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