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Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax - Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Acrylic Black Wax 500ml

Marke: Turtle Wax
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Specially formulated as a car wax for black cars, Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Acrylic Black Wax delivers the combined performance of ceramic, acrylic and carnauba wax to cover up light imperfections in your car’s finish for the ultimate deep black luster and eye-popping shine.

Those scratches, spiderwebs and swirls left behind by everyday life are no match for this black car wax. And the ceramic protection lasts and lasts for enduring gloss.


  • Acrylic component fills in light scratches and swirls
  • Ceramic component delivers superior hydrophobic, water-beading action and jaw-dropping shine
  • Super-slick formula with Hydro-Glide polymer prevents scratching for easy spray on/wipe off
  • Black pigmented carnauba car wax restores that showroom gloss and pop, the very reason you bought your black car in the first place
  • Long-lasting ceramic spray wax protects your car finish for up to 6 months with incredible shine


How to use:


  1. Wash and dry your car.
  2. Inspect your clear coat. If it’s fading, shows signs of oxidation or has heavy scratches or swirls, treat the surface with Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Black Acrylic Polish then apply the black wax. If not, treat the surface with Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Acrylic Black Wax.
  3. Spray Acrylic Black Wax onto a microfiber towel and wipe across the exterior of your car, one 2’x2’ section at a time.
  4. Flip the towel to a clean side and buff.
  5. Continue around the car, treating any black exterior surfaces.
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