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IGL Coatings

IGL Coatings - Gift Set Shampoo/Enhancer 500ml

Marke: IGL Coatings
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Looking for a nice gift? the gift sets from IGL Coatings are perfect for this!

Includes free 40x40cm IGL Coatings cloth with logo.


IGL Coatings Ecoclean Wash is a natural and powerful PH neutral shampoo for cleaning car paint and maintaining coated paintwork. The shampoo is highly concentrated and produces a nice foam.


Use the shampoo 1:100 with water, always wash the car with the 2 bucket system to minimize the risk of wash scratches and swirls. Care After washing you should always dry the car to prevent limescale and water spots.


Enhancer is a water-based, zero VOC nanotechnology hybrid fast detail formula with exceptionally durable hydrophobic and gloss enhancing effect that can be safely applied to all parts of your vehicle. It creates a surface that is smooth, shiny and protected. Enhancer can be used when the vehicle is dry or when it is still wet after a wash. When used after a wash, it helps drying!

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