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SwissTec - Insect Remover 500ml

Marke: SwissTec
Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

For the breakdown of synthetic, animal, vegetable and mineral oils and fats, aromatics and other hydrocarbons.




Always test the product in a less visible place, especially on water-based paints. Spay undiluted on the surface to be cleaned. Let it soak for a while and then, after a maximum of 5 minutes, rinse the injected parts with plenty of water or high pressure. Do not allow the product to dry, do not use in direct sunlight, and do not spray on hot surfaces.


Hazard statements:

May produce an allergic reaction,: Causes serious eye irritation,:
Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects


Keep out of reach of children.
Do not wear contaminated work clothes outside the workplace, release to the environment.
Wear protective gloves / wear protective clothing / eye protection / face protection:
IF ON SKIN: Rinse cautiously with water.
If possible, remove existing contact lenses. Continue rinsing: In case of skin irritation or rash :,:
Contents / container special waste, Wash contaminated clothing before re-use


Ingredient declaration according to regulation. 648/2004 / EC on detergents: 5% or more but less than 15% non-ionic surfactants. Less than 5% phosphates, phosphonates, perfumes, (R) -p-mentha 1.8 diene.

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