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CarPro - Iron.X Snow Soap 500ml

Marke: CarPro
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CarPro’s Soap Gel has under gone some major changes! It is now known as CarPro Snow Soap and can be used in with multiple wash methods including as a snow foam or as it was previously used adding directly to your mitt. After a vehicle has been properly de-contaminated IXSS will keep it free of iron particles far more than any other car wash. If the vehicle has been previously coated with CQuartz or CQuartz Finest IX Snow Soap is a perfect match for maintenance. Clean your car and remove iron particles at the same time! It still has the same concentration of Iron x within the product. But it has now been adapted to be used as a dedicated Snow Foam also, while maintaining its fallout removal, and indication of ferrous particles on the paint surface.




  • pH Neutral
  • High Lubricity
  • Uses only the highest quality cleaning agents & emulsifiers to wash your vehicles surfaces.
  • Snow Soap cuts through grime & traffic film with ease.
  • Excellent wheel cleaner - Agitate the gel directly on the surface of the wheel
  • Cleanses the bodywork softly with rich foam
  • Smooths the surface
  • Use on paint, glass, wheels, headlights, plastic trim, clear bras
  • Excellent on wheels (Apply gel directly to wheel and agitate the surface)
  • Snow Soap has now become the first step in total paint decontamination.
  • Up to 1:8 its a good iron remover but use regular IX on a "first time car". Above that its very weak iron remover but still a great shampoo.
  • As you know a power washer with the foam lancer sprays lots of water, means high dilution while spray , thats why we recommend it neat with foam lancer if you want the IXSS to react on iron. Per car it will consume 400ml neat with foam lancer with a fully closed lancer valve Again that is for working on iron.
  • If you want simple snow foaming 100~150ml will be fine


Directions as Snow Foam: (As with any car shampoo never wash your car while warm or in direct sunlight)


1. Rinse your car well using power wash to remove dust & contaminants.

2. Add Soap Gel to warm water and shake well to mix within the snow foam lance.

3. Set your lance to give the desired effect and foam concentration you require.

4. Snow foam your car as normal and allow to dwell.

5. Dependant on the concentrations of the foam on the cars surface. You may notice a colour change effect taking place, whiles the foam is in contact with heavy fallout.

6. Rinse well, prior to moving on to your hand wash process.


Directions as Hand Wash:


1.-Thoroughly rinse the surface to remove all large and/or loose particles.

2.-Apply Soap directly to mitt or sponge and wash a section before rinsing the mitt/sponge and repeating with the next section. (While Snow Soap is used as a hand wash. It should not be added to your wash bucket)

3.-You will notice the soap gel changing color where it encounters iron. This indicates fallout removal and highlights the areas of concern where you may wish to follow up with either Iron X paste or liquid, later on in the decontamination process. While small iron particals will be removed by IXSS larger particles or vehicles that have not been thoroughyl decontaminated previously will require the higher concentrated Iron X Liquid or Paste later in the process.

4.-Thoroughly rinse all surfaces


Special Notes:


  • IronX SoapGel will affect oil base waxes by approximately 50%. Do not use as a mainenance wash unless you are decontaminating your vehicle or it has been protected with a durable sealant or semi-permanent coating (such as Cquartz).

  • Avoid using on fabric convertible tops.




  • Work in ventilated cool shade area
  • May be irritating to eye & skin. We recommend the use of Gloves and Eye protection for total peace of mind.
  • Keep away from children
  • Wash your hands well after you are finished
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