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Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax - Max Power Car Wash Shampoo 4L

Marke: Turtle Wax
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Max Power Shampoo is the most powerful and versatile shampoo on the market. The power of this car wash shampoo can be adjusted for any cleaning job depending on the dirt. 3 adjustable levels give Moderate, Aggressive or Xtreme cleaning power. From grease, tree resin, louse secretions to black rims due to brake dust, with the super foaming formula and fragrance-infused polymers you can easily and safely wash the most stubborn dirt from your car, motorcycle, boat or caravan. Turtle Wax Max Power is the only product with the "pH Boost technology". From neutral pH soap to higher pH levels for maximum cleaning effect, you can easily mix it yourself.


Note: this shampoo strips the wax / sealant from your car!




  • Normal: mix 100ml in a 10 liter bucket for normal cleaning
  • Aggressive: Mix 200ml in a 10 liter bucket to wash flies, salts and mud from the car.
  • Xtreme: mix 300ml in a 10 liter bucket to dissolve the worst dirt like tree resin, tree louse secretions and brake dust
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