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Innovacar - Pennello Soft

Marke: Innovacar
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This brush has been created to be extremely gentle on any type of surface. It is particularly suitable for use on delicate, innovative and often very expensive fabrics and materials such as leather, alcantara, quilted velvet, suede, silk, carbon fibre, etc. as the bristles are soft and do not scratch the treated surface. This brush, which is loved by detailers, is designed for applying cleaning products better, thereby allowing you to work with precision and meticulousness. It is also perfect for dusting fragile elements such as polished interior mouldings, screens and transparent plastic parts of the dashboard. The brushes have a raised handle for a firm grip, which prevents them from slipping when your hands are wet and can be hung on a hook to dry.


  • Total length: 16.3cm.
  • Bristle length: 4.5cm .
  • Net weight: 43.2g.
  • Bristle material: nylon 612.
  • Handle material: PP.
  • No label.
  • Black.


Instructions to care for the brush:


  • Wash with warm or hot water using a mild detergent.
  • Do not use fabric conditioners or bleach as they tend to alter the properties of the bristles.
  • Do not use tools to dry the bristles.
  • Do not let the product dry on the bristles.
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