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DetailPro - Perfect Pad Cleaner 500ml

Marke: DetailPro
Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

DetailPro Perfect Pad Cleaner has been developed to clean polishing pads easily and effectively after use. By cleaning the pads correctly, they will continue to function correctly for a long time.

Old polish residues prevent the pad from having the correct "cutting" so that the effect is not optimal. By using the DetailPro Pad Cleaner, pads last longer with optimal operation. DetailPro Perfect Pad Cleaner is also excellent to use in combination with any type of Pad Washer.




  • Cleans intensively
  • Breaks down polish residue
  • For foam, microfiber and wool pads
  • Extends pad life



  1. Shake bottle before use
  2. Spray the Pad Cleaner directly onto the polishing pad
  3. Let the product soak in for a while
  4. Clean the pad with an appropriate brush
  5. Rinse the pad well with (lukewarm) warm water and squeeze polish residue from the pad
  6. Let the pad dry with the velcro layer facing up
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