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Puris - Wash Pack

Marke: Puris
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Puris maintenance set for your rims and paint!




  • Puris D72 Iron Remover 750ml
  • Puris D14 Gold Wash 750ml
  • Puris A66 Miracle Mist Quick Detailer 750ml
  • Valma Crazy Fiber Wash Mitt

D72 wheel cleaner, Is a highly effective acid-free, non-corrosive, pH-balanced cleaner for all types of wheel rims: steel, alloy, chrome, painted, powder-coated, uncoated and anodized aluminum. Effortlessly loosens and removes stubborn dirt, such as burned-on brake dust, oil, grease, rubber residue and other road dirt, from wheels, rims, hub caps and wheel nuts. Turns bright purple while fighting dirt.


D14 Gold Wash is mild in use, does not damage waxed or sealed surfaces, highly dilutable at 300 to 1 concentration. Abundant lather that lasts through washes with a streak-free, glossy finish. Superior pearl properties and biodegradable.


Miracle Mist A66, DEEP SHINE works quickly and easily on all painted surfaces, clear coat, plastic, glass, metal, vinyl and rubber. This exclusive formula safely removes dust, road grime, fingerprints and water spots. Perfect for locally removing dirt or completely washing vehicles without water. D66 Deep Shine leaves a "wet look" shine and is body shop safe!

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