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CarPro - Retyre 500ml

Marke: CarPro
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CarPro ReTyre is specially designed for effective cleaning of rubber surfaces such as tires. ReTyre tire cleaner easily removes old accumulated tire dressings, road grime and antioxidants that cause the brown deposits on tires.

The foaming formula in combination with the high pH value ensures a strong and effective cleaning. ReTyre penetrates deep into the pores so that dirt is broken down to the maximum. Tires have never been so clean!

Use the CarPro tire cleaner as a preparation to apply your favorite tire dressing or tire coating so that it has optimal adhesion.




  1. Spray the ReTyre on the surface
  2. Let the product act (about 30 sec)
  3. Use a (tyre) brush for thorough cleaning
  4. Rinse well with water
  5. Repeat steps if necessary and then let it dry
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