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Autobrite - Sherbet Lemon Snowfoam 1L

Marke: AutoBrite Direct
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Sherbet Lemon Super Snow Foam: Revisit your childhood with our limited-edition Pick N Mix range. This delicious Sherbet Lemon fragranced neon yellow snow foam will make your mouth water!
This foam will take you straight back to those amazing sweets that we all loved as kids!

Sherbet Lemon Super Snow Foam is a fun and effective way to prepare your car for a deep clean. To get started, park your car in the shade and make sure the surface is cool to the touch. Pour the Sherbet Lemon Super Snow Foam into your foam lance then, dilute the snow foam concentrate according to the instructions on the label, depending on how dirty your car is.


Adjust the lance settings to get the desired foam thickness. Start at the bottom of the car and work your way up, making sure to cover the entire surface. The foam will cling to the car, trapping dirt and grime. This helps soften and loosen the grime so you can clean it off more easily and safely.

Let the foam dwell on the surface for a few minutes to break down the contaminants. Then, rinse the car thoroughly with a pressure washer or a strong stream of water to wash away the foam and the loosened dirt. This pre-wash step helps reduce the risk of scratching the car during the subsequent contact wash and sets the stage for a deeper clean. Sherbet Lemon Super Snow Foam makes the pre-wash process easy, so you can achieve a pristine and swirl-free finish every time.


  1. Place 100-150ml into your 1L foam lance
  2. Top up with water
  3. Shake well
  4. Apply foam from top to bottom
  5. Allow to dwell for up to 5 minutes (Weather dependent)
  6. Rinse thoroughly
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