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Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax - Wash Bucket Set

Marke: Turtle Wax
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Extra large Turtle Wax bucket with a capacity of 19 liters and Smart Guard. The Turtle Wax Smart Guard removes dirt from the cleaning cloth during car washing. Simply rub your cloth over the Smart Guard and the Smart Guard also ensures that the dirt remains at the bottom of the bucket.


Turtle Wax Carnauba Car Wash and Wax is an innovative blend of surfactants and carnauba wax. Leaves a protective layer of wax over the existing protective layer. pH balanced and produces a rich foam that loosens and encapsulates dirt to reduce swirl marks and minor surface scratches.


Valma CrazyFibre Wash Glove provides the ultimate car washing experience. The wash mitt has 3 different types of extra special microfibers that absorb dirt and protect the surface. Only a water with car shampoo solution is sufficient for easy cleaning. The integrated sponge also provides a perfect mix of car shampoo and water for safe and thorough cleaning. This wash glove has a comfortable fit due to the tight opening and a soft inside. The wash glove has a size of 20x28 cm.


Meguiar's Supreme Wheel Brushes have no bristles but a microfiber head! The soft structure prevents scratches, but thoroughly cleans any type of rim. The Wheel Brush has a longer microfiber head than average rim brushes and contains no wire or metal parts that could damage the rim. wheel woolie


Turtle Wax HS All Wheel Cleaner + Iron Remover delivers powerful performance that is safe for all wheel rims and painted surfaces. It quickly removes iron-based contaminants and industrial fallout while simultaneously dissolving deep contaminants such as brake dust and iron oxide.

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