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DetailPro - Wonder Drying Towel Jr. - 40x40cm

Marke: DetailPro
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The Detailpro Wonder Drying Tawel Junior is an amazingly good water -absorbent drying cloth with Twisted loop microfibers for drying smaller parts. The Twisted Microfibers lower the resistance on the paintwork so that they dry the surface extremely quickly and safely.

Because the Wonder Drying Towel consists of 2 cloths stitched together at the edges, it has a weight of 1200gsm. The high weight in combination with the compact size of 40x40cm ensures that this drying cloth is ideal to use when drying rims, door tins and other smaller parts.

This drying cloth is also great to use in the household, bathrooms, shower walls and baths are dry in no time and that prevents a lot of limescale.

Size: 40x40cm
Weight: 1200gsm (gram per square meter)

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