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Procar - Diadeem 500ml

Marke: Procar
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Diadem All-Purpose Cleaner is a professional cleaner suitable for cleaning very dirty washable parts. Fast and streak-free cleaning of water-resistant floors, plastics, metals, garden furniture, etc. Also suitable for cleaning leather, fabric and leatherette upholstery. Thanks to its many applications, this product is a replacement for a large number of cleaners with specific applications. Effortlessly removes insects and brake dust on metal rims.


Please watch out:

This is a professional product, the effect is many times stronger than a consumer product. First read the instructions for use carefully. Apply product and then IMMEDIATELY wipe with a dry cloth or rinse (car wash). -Use as an upholstery cleaner: before use, first check the upholstery in an inconspicuous spot for color fastness, water resistance, etc. Spray in the All-Purpose Cleaner and loosen the dirt with a brush. Wait a few minutes to let the dirt loosen thoroughly. Remove the all-purpose cleaner with a dry, clean, soft cloth that absorbs well. -Use with clear plastics such as PET and polycarbonate (headlights): Spray on and wipe immediately with a dry cloth. NEVER let it dry! Risk of dullness if used incorrectly! Also removes tar and grease stains. Store frost-free.

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