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Autoglym - Interior Shampoo 500ml

Marke: Autoglym
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Quickly and easily removes stubborn stains from all interior fabrics and surfaces.

A flawless interior is just as important as perfect paint. Getting in a clean car is not only great but also helps you focus on the ride. Interior Shampoo (Interior Shampoo) is suitable for all your interior fabrics and hard surfaces. If you have leather surfaces, it is better to use Leather Cleaner.

Your mats, doors, roofing, dashboard, steering wheel, switches, pedals, handles and handles can all be cleaned with this safe, easy-to-use shampoo.

The shampoo quickly removes accumulated dirt and grease, leaving a fresh scent.




  1. Vacuum the interior thoroughly.
  2. Simply spray the product on the hard surfaces and wipe it off. Spray it lightly on the fabric surfaces and rub it with a clean cloth or sturdy sponge, which you regularly rinse in water.
  3. Use Intensive Tar Remover to remove oil, ink or marker stains.


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