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GL - Pride Power Snow Foam 1L

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Pride is a foam cleaner, specially developed for the automotive industry. Due to its composition, this product not only offers strong foam, but also a strong cleaning power. In addition to removing loose sand, it also breaks the connection between the vehicle and dirt, removing the dirt from the paint in a responsible manner. GL Pride foam cleaner is suitable for thorough and non-contact cleaning of your car.




Application with a high-pressure foam sprayer: dilute 200 ml of Pride in the bottle with 800 ml of water and set a nice, stable foam with the adjustment knob.

Application with pressure sprayer: dilute 25 - 70 ml Pride with water to 1000 ml final product.

Use in combination with a sponge / brush (2-bucket system): dilute 20 - 50 ml Pride with water to 5000 ml final product.

Foam or spray the car, let it work for 1 to 5 minutes (do not let it dry) and then rinse with a high-pressure cleaner. If a brush / sponge is used, soak the product, let it sit for a while and then rinse with plenty of water. Can also be used as a brushless cleaner. Important: do not let the product dry out during use.

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