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Basic Wash

Basic Wash

We often get the question how do I start now, what do I need?

Read the Do's and Don'ts here!


Hand Car Wash:


  1. First spray the coarse dirt from the car and rims.
  2. Iron remover on the rims, never 5-10min in full sun or let dry!
  3. Brush or with wheel woolie that releases the iron on the rims.
  4. Clean the rims with sufficient cold water.
  5. Mix snow foam, 1:10 in a foam lance with lukewarm warm water.
  6. Lay a foam layer all over the car, don't forget the rims!
  7. Let the foam soak for 5-10 minutes, you can brush extra corners / edges with an abino brush.
  8. Thoroughly spray the foam away!
  9. Fill 2 buckets, put a grit in both buckets.
  10. Wash bucket, fill it with 30-50ml shampoo.
  11. Use a washing mitt or washing glove, never a sponge!
  12. Wash per panel, then spray that panel thoroughly clean.
  13. First the roof, lowest parts and last wash because this is where the most pollution is.
  14. Always wash in long lanes and never run in circles!
  15. If you have completely washed your car, spray everything thoroughly to ensure that no shampoo is left behind.
  16. Use a good drying towel, 70x90cm 1200gsm can easily dry a whole suv!
  17. Use a detailer spray to add extra shine and protection, Meguiar's Liquid Ceramic Wax or Meguiar's Liquid Ceramic Detailer
  18. You can also protect rims with more detailed sprays, but even better is for example wheel wax or wheel armor.
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