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Ultramar - Canvas & Cotton Protector 5L

Marque: Ultramar
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IMPREGNATING AGENT: Ultramar Canvas & Cotton Protector makes tents, trailer tents, army tents and awnings waterproof. Keeping the cloth well impregnated also provides additional protection against dirty water, green mildew and mould.


The problem


  • Sails with old or bad impregnation will take a long time to dry out. This increases the risk of mould.
  • Dirt bonds easily to cloth with bad or old impregnation.
  • Without extra protection, even a new cotton tent is susceptible to mould and algae.
  • Condensation causes mould to develop on the inside of the tent.
  • UV radiation makes the cloth less waterproof.


The solution

Ultramar Canvas & Cotton Protector makes cotton tent cloth highly water and dirt repellent. Regular protection of the tent cloth will make it less susceptible to dirt, mould and algae.


Special benefits


  • Easily applied with a paint roller or sprayer.
  • Used for many used for impregnating cotton tents.
  • Makes the fabric perfectly water and dirt repellent.
  • Tent cloth will stray dry longer. Perfect for trailer tents.
  • Developed by Ultramar, professional sail and tent cleaners.
  • Tent cloth becomes less susceptible to mould and algae.



For impregnating and waterproofing all types of tents made of cotton, canvas or linen.



Also treat the inside of the tent for better protection. Old and worn cotton tents may need multiple treatments.



Safe for use on any cotton tent and in any location. Read the instructions on the packaging before use.




  • The cloth to be treated must be clean and dry.
  • If necessary, clean first with Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo and Ultramar Power Cleaner.
  • Apply Ultramar Canvas & Cotton Protector liberally and evenly. 
  • Use a sprayer, plant sprayer or paint roller.
  • The fabric must be fully saturated.
  • Dry well after treatment. Repeat the treatment if necessary.


The required quantity depends on the cloth type:


  • 5-litre can: between 25m² and 50m²
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