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AutoBrite Direct

AutoBrite - Decon Shampoo 500ml

Marque: AutoBrite Direct
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Autobrite Decon Shampoo is an intensively cleaning shampoo and is the perfect way to thoroughly clean your vehicle quickly and easily.

Autobrite Decon Shampoo is easy to rinse from the vehicle and leaves no residue or other elements.
cleaning the vehicle to a pure/clean finish.
Used on a vehicle without protection, this shampoo will still improve the appearance without adding wax or shine enhancers.

This amazing shampoo has a great pear drop scent, provides plenty of suds and lubrication and is an absolute pleasure to use!
This is not a shampoo we would use week in week out, but is perfect for those rarer deep cleanses!

Autobrite Decon Shampoo has been developed to provide intensive cleaning power.
Specially designed to break down road grime and traffic films as a powerful cleaner, while being just as gentle on the surface as our pH neutral shampoos.

Decon shampoo, rinses off easily, leaves no residue or extra residue that affects its repellency and self-cleaning properties
(the "beading" or hydrophobicity) of the surface to maintain your existing protection.

This shampoo offers excellent lubrication and a high dilution ratio and provides a very effective and economical wash.
At the same time, the soil-repellent surfactants in this shampoo are based almost entirely on naturally occurring, organic, biodegradable ingredients,
making it as friendly to the environment as it is to your vehicle.

Autobrite Decon Shampoo  can be used in different ways!

  • Traditional bucket application 30ml – 50ml light/heavy soiling
  • Snowfoam application 1:10
  • Hand foamer 1:50


  • For thorough cleaning
  • Restorative effect on previously applied coatings
  • PH balanced (diluted)
  • Natural surfactants
  • Wax/silicone free
  • Powerful strength
  • Biodegradable
  • Residue-free
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