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Angelwax - Enigma Shampoo 500ml

Marque: Angelwax
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ANGELWAX Enigma Shampoo is a car shampoo with ceramic molecules. With regular use of this ceramic car shampoo, the molecules within the ANGELWAX Enigma shampoo are bound to the car and a protective layer is formed over the paint.


Has the paint on your car been treated with a ceramic coating or wax? Then the ANGELWAX Enigma Auto Shampoo is the best choice for your car. Thanks to the ceramic molecules, this car shampoo gives the ceramic coating or wax, extra shine! This allows you to get the best out of the wax or coating on your car! You also extend the life of the ceramic coating / wax


Add 3 to 4 caps of the ANGELWAX Enigma Shampoo to a bucket of clean water and wash the car thoroughly. Then rinse the car thoroughly and dry it with a dry and clean microfibre cloth. Always wash with 2 buckets, a rinse bucket and a washing bucket!


  • Ceramic Car Shampoo
  • Car shampoo with ceramic molecules
  • High cleaning properties
  • Immediately gives the paint a protective layer
  • Dirt-repellent effect
  • Gives the paint extra shine
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