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CarPro - FlyBy Forte Kit

Marque: CarPro
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FlyBy Forte, the latest durable coating for your CarPro windows
Windshield wipers, pollution, windscreen washer fluids, etc. are the most difficult conditions for window coatings and usually they are not very resistant to this.

FlyBy Forte is a completely new formula that gives an extremely durable layer to the windows with an expected life of up to 2 years. Raindrops will fly from the windows at a speed of 50 km / h, so that the use of wipers at higher speeds is no longer necessary. A major additional advantage is that the wipers (if required for driving at a lower speed) will not chatter, bounce or squeak.

FlyBy Forte is also easy to apply, the coating can be applied in 3 layers with the supplied applicators without having to take it off. Also, there is no longer a need for the coating to cure at a high temperature.

For the correct application, it is important that the windows are properly cleaned and polished with CarPro CeriGlass and then properly degreased with CarPro Eraser




  • FlyBy Forte 15ml
  • CeriGlass 50 ml
  • Eraser 50ml
  • Ceriglas Applicator
  • 2 pieces Suede cloth 20x20cm
  • 5 pieces of applicator
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