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DetailPro - Hydroboost Spray Sealant 500ml

Marque: DetailPro
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DetailPro Hydroboost Spray Sealant is the easiest way to protect the car and to provide it with extra shine.

Hydroboost Spray Sealant gives the paint a beautiful beading and shine, while drying the paint after washing has become surprisingly easy due to the high degree of hydrophobicity. It can easily be used on a still wet paint. Spray the product panel by panel on the washed car and rinse well with high pressure. Then dry the surface.




  1. Shake bottle before use
  2. Spray the product sparingly on the still wet paint
  3. Spray off immediately with high pressure or a strong jet of water
  4. Work panel by panel
  5. Dry the surface with a microfiber towel or blower
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