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IGL Coatings - Wheel Coating 30ml

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Ecocoat Wheel is the ultimate ceramic coating for wheels! Perfect to apply to alloy and metal surfaces.

With its high heat resistance, it also protects your rims against rust. The heat-resistant formula is specially designed to protect metal surfaces against heat and iron particles, reduce rust formation and improve cleaning. This makes it one of the best ceramic coatings for heat-resistant surfaces.

Thanks to nanotechnology, it provides exceptional protection against brake dust, chemical attack and stains, and maintains performance for up to 1 year.

The innovative technology creates an interlocking glass-like finish at the molecular level, providing unparalleled protection against high-temperature brake dust, microdamage, chemical attack and stains. The heat-resistant ceramic coating for rims is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and perform for up to 1 year, giving your rims long-lasting protection and an improved appearance.

Is ceramic coating for wheels important?
Wheels are the lowest part of a car and have to endure the most extreme pollution! Beautiful wheels can be one of the most damaged parts of a vehicle. Especially when you're tearing through road dust and muddy puddles. Rims must be resistant to high temperatures and brake dust!

This is where ceramic coating for rims offers a solution. Ceramic coating not only gives shine to the rims, but also provides protection against iron particles and rust formation on the most vulnerable part of the vehicle.

Is high heat resistance important for ceramic coatings for rims?
100%. The brake discs of standard cars can reach 130°C! Ecocoat Wheel from IGL Coating is resistant to high temperatures up to 300°C. This makes brake dust a thing of the past.


  • Safe for metals and alloys
  • Safe for paint (matte/satin/gloss)

Surface: All metal and wheel surfaces


Kit consists of:

  • 30ml wheel coating
  • 100ml precoat
  • 4 application cloths
  • 1 application block
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