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Innotec - Multi Clean 600ml

Marque: Innotec
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Multi Clean is a very powerful cleaner for almost any kind of pollution on almost any type of surface. The product forms an active foam that has a very intensive effect on dirt and can be used without problems on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Multi Clean is therefore extremely suitable for cleaning the interior of vehicles, such as the dashboard, plastic running boards, entry and other plastic coverings, as well as for cleaning fabric and leather upholstery and carpeting. Thanks to its foam shape, Multi Clean is also the ideal product to remove nicotine deposits and stains from the headliner during assembly work.

In combination with Inno-Cleaners, the cleaning effect is further increased and the product is ideally suited for removing insects from the front and window of the vehicle.

Also on the transparent plastic parts, the combination of Multi Clean with Inno-Cleaners gives a perfect result without the risk of damage that would occur when using abrasives.

Multi Clean can be used universally, because it does not affect glass, paint or plastic. In addition, the product does not contain silicones that could make any further processing with wax or the like more difficult. The foaming makes it very economical to use and the pleasant smell makes the product easy to use.

The aerosol packaging and the foaming make Multi Clean very user-friendly and easy to apply. It is also very easy to polish, because the product does not leave streaks. This makes it very easy to treat the many hard-to-reach places.


  • Simple processing.
  • Versatile use.
  • Stable foam shape, resulting in a longer exposure time.
  • Cleans deep into the fibres.
  • Safe for plastic, rubber, fabric, leather, glass, plexiglass, aluminum, paint, etc.
  • Does not streak.
  • Leaves a fresh scent.




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