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Innotec - Power Clean 500ml

Marque: Innotec
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Power Clean is a safe, fast-acting cleaner for almost all contaminated metal parts and surfaces. The product removes brake dust, tar, Tectyl, grease and various types of wax.

Power Clean is safe to use when cleaning electronic brake and ABS systems. It does not affect the surface and is therefore ideal for removing tar splashes and grease or oil stains from the bodywork.

Power Clean evaporates completely and leaves no residue. Another major advantage is that there is no risk of aluminum parts turning white, which is the case with most brake cleaners. This makes Power Clean also perfect for cleaning clutch and engine parts. The product comes out of the spray can very powerfully, which means that even hard-to-reach places can be cleaned effectively.

The aerosol packaging makes Power Clean very user-friendly and easy to apply. The special unbreakable nozzle with straw ensures that even hard-to-reach places can be treated very well. Moreover, thanks to this nozzle, the spray can can be used in all positions.

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