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Liquid Elements

Liquid Elements - Silverback Fusion XL 50x80cm

Marque: Liquid Elements
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The Silverback Fusion Towel is a combination of Liquid Elements' best microfiber towels, combining the Black Hole with the Silverback. As such, the towel offers the best of both worlds of vehicle drying with Liquid Elements. With a size of 50 x 80 cm and a weight of 1100 GSM, up to 3 vehicles (golf class) can be dried with just one towel without having to wring it out.
With the Twisted Pile Fiber (Black Hole) fibers, this towel absorbs enormous amounts of water  
and quickly and absolutely surface-friendly dries any vehicle.
With the Plush Chenille Fiber (Silverback), a gentle and absolutely gentle drying is guaranteed.
The Silverback Fusion Towel is therefore limitless and suitable for all surfaces that are to be dried.




  • Combination of Plush Chenille and Twisted Pile Fiber
  • Soft microfiber edge
  • Enormous water absorption
  • Weight: 1100GSM
  • Extra absorbent
  • Paint-friendly
  • Streak- and lint-free vehicle drying
  • High load capacity and long life
  • Size: 50x80cm
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