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Carpro - SkinCare Leather Kit 150ml

Marque: CarPro
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The CarPro SkinCare Leather kit offers everything needed to clean, maintain and nourish leather without changing its original appearance.

The Cleanse leather cleaner gently and effectively cleans the surface and pores of the leather to prepare it for nourishment. Use the Lotion conditioner to soften, repair and protect the leather against UV damage to prevent dehydration.


Cleanse Leather Cleaner:


  1. Shake the leather cleaner before use
  2. Apply the Cleanse to the leather and leather brush with a foam sprayer
  3. Work well with overlapping movements by applying light pressure
  4. Wipe off residue with a microfiber cloth
  5. Repeat if necessary and rinse the brush with water in between

Lotion Conditioner:


  1. If the leather is clean and dry, the lotion can be applied
  2. Shake the bottle and apply a drop to the applicator
  3. Spread the product and massage into the leather until it is evenly distributed
  4. Wipe off the residue with a microfiber cloth



  • CarPro Cleanse Leather Cleaner 150ml
  • CarPro Lotion Leather Conditioner 150ml
  • CarPro Leather Brush
  • CarPro MicroBuff Applicator Scrub Pad
  • CarPro Terry Towel
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