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AutoBrite Direct

Autobrite - Supersonic Sio2 Quick Detailer 250ml

Marque: AutoBrite Direct
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SuperSonic QD is a water based, cross linking, SiO2 infused nano-hybrid Quick Detailer and acts as a ‘top up’ and ‘booster’ for our SuperSonic sealant. When you’ve already applied your sealant, naturally you want to keep it looking sharp and performing as it should. Safely wash your car, and apply your SuperSonic QD for the perfect maintenance routine. SuperSonic QD is an SiO2 infused quick detailer spray, that not only imparts stunning gloss, but tops up the protection of SuperSonic Sealant. It shares many properties with it’s big brother SuperSonic. It reacts and bonds with SuperSonic Sealant,  adding further protection against fallout, salt and general road grime. SuperSonic QD improves the water behaviour of your sealant, providing some mild self cleaning properties, and can be layered infinitely.  You can also use your QD as a standalone product to enhance gloss or add some protection if you’re in a hurry, remove water spots, or even top up other sealants and waxes. With it being PH neutral and SiO2 infused, and after extensive testing, we’ve found it to be the perfect top up for any ceramic coating as well.


  1. Ensure your paint is thoroughly clean and free of grease and contaminants
  2. Spray a small amount to the panel and work carefully over the area, ensuring even coverage (best applied in warm temperatures)
  3. When the panel is covered, immediately wipe then buff the panel free of residue using the Autobrite Direct Mini Reaper or the Guv’nor edgeless buffing towel.
  4. SuperSonic QD can be layered on top of SuperSonic Sealant for optimum hydrophobic & protection
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