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CarPro - Wash & Protect

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Iron.X is a very effective means of cleaning car paint, rims and windows. Iron.X has been specially developed to safely remove and even break down small metal particles that have adhered to the paint. Iron.X is also very effective against other chemical contamination and brake dust. Iron.X cleans deep into the pores of the paint but does not affect the paint.



Reset has been formulated to be the perfect partner for nano-based sealants and coatings. Reset powerfully breaks down road pollution while being gentle on the surface to be treated. After washing, Reset can be easily rinsed off the paint, leaving no soap residue or silicone on the surface, which restores the beading, sheeting and dirt resistance of the coating. Because the shampoo foams very well, ensures that the wash mitt glides easily over the paint and has an excellent mixing ratio, this is an excellent and economical shampoo.

Reset has no added gloss enhancers, no polymers and no wax. The shampoo has a mixing ratio of 1:500

CarPro reset can also be used as Snow Foam in a foam lance.



DabDab is an incredibly soft wash pad, with a special blend of long and short fibres, for the safe removal of contamination on coated and uncoated cars.

The inside of the DabDab washmitt is designed with a firmer core that follows the contours of the body to maximize contact area and improve dirt-holding properties.
The double-sided design allows for more water absorption and allows the mitt to be turned over during washing to continue washing effectively and safely.


  • Double sided
  • Long and short fibers
  • Firmer core for a maximized contact area
  • Size: 21x18cm


Elixir is a High Gloss Quick Detailer that combines great ease of use with the high gloss and hydrophobic properties of the ceramic technology.

CarPro has managed to combine two products that originated from an idea of ​​dedicated CarPro enthusiasts. The result is a quick detailer with the ease of use and fast application of Ech2O, combined with the gloss and hydrophobic properties of the world's best ceramic Nano technology from CarPro.

CarPro Elixir is an absolutely phenomenal product with great shine, depth and hydrophobic properties that last for up to weeks. Elixir can be used on all types of surfaces and works according to the spray and wipe principle. This quick detailer is easy to process in rain and/or sun.

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