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Carchemicals - Nano Rotary Polisher Extension Kit

Marke: Carchemicals
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This extension set of the nano-rotary polisher consists of a 1 meter long flexible extension shaft that is specially designed for all M14 rotary polishers or cordless drills.
If you already have a rotary polisher, this is the perfect set to take your detailing to a higher level by reaching those areas that were previously unavailable for regular polishing machines.
This means that areas such as grill, under door handles, logo & emblems, window frames, inside consoles, wheels, fog lights, rear lights or other small places can now be easily polished.
The universal locking mechanism with multiple jaw plates makes locking the output shaft easier for changing accessories.

This machine makes your Shinemate EP801 or Shinemate EP803 a truly indispensable multi-tool !!


  • 3 x red finishing pad φ1.5x1cm
  • 3 x red finishing pad φ2.6x1.2cm
  • 3 x green polishing pad φ1.5x1cm
  • 3 x green polishing pad φ2.6x1.2cm
  • 3 x felt polishing pad φ1.5x0.5cm
  • 3 x long woolen pad φ2.5 cm
  • 3 x orange polishing cones 3 x 4.5 cm
  • 3 x chestnut pad Polishing pad: 3x3cm
  • Support pad φ1.5cm (1pc) φ2.5cm (1pc)
  • Adapter M14 or 5/8 "(1pc)
  • Small key (1pc)
  • All this in a luxury storage box
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