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Noco Genius - Acculader 2EU 2A

Brand: Noco
Availability: Out of stock

The introduction of the newest Genius2EU, one of our most powerful, most performing, energy -efficient and most compact chargers to date. The Genius2EU is a 6-volt and 12 Volt battery charger, a battery maintenance charger and a battery desulfator with 2 ampes for lead acid batteries, ship and semi traction batteries, including wet, gel, AGM and maintenance-free batteries, plus lithium-ion batteries .


  • The most powerful, most powerful, energy -efficient and compact charger so far
  • 6-volts and 12-volt battery charger, maintenance charger and battery desulfator with a nominal voltage of 2 ampere
  • Charges empty batteries (up to 1 volt)
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