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How does it work?


  1. Place the Scratch Shield at the bottom of the bucket
  2. Rub each time the Washmitt or sponge into the bucket on the Scratch Shield to get the dirt off.
  3. The dirt disappears into the bucket and will remain there.
  4. Your vehicle is a safe wash without sand or dirt a chance to damage the paintwork.
  5. For optimum safety two buckets, one to rinse the washmitt and one to keep bringing clean soapy water.


Benefits of the Scratch Shield:


  1. Sand and dirt can not be on the shield.
  2. Foot Pictures ensure that the water remains quiet and the dirt does not come up.
  3. The filter ensures that sand and dirt can drop down so that it can damage the finish.
  4. Adjustable foot plates so as to make this is appropriate in most of the buckets.

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