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ValetPro - Classic Protectant 500ml

Brand: ValetPro
Availability: In stock

Classic Protectant is our emulsified blend of silicones that adds gloss and not only protects, but revives faded plastics. Once dry, this product is weather resistant and offers protection and strong gloss enhancement to exterior plastics, tyres and interior plastics and leather. Classic Protectant is easy to use and was designed to be used neat, however it can be diluted to lower the glossy  finish to suit the individual.


Tyres and engine bay:


  1. Spray a light most onto tyres/engine bay.
  2. Allow to cure until almost dry.
  3. Smooth and even product with a foam applicator.


Exterior plastic trims:


  1. Apply a small amount to a foam applicator and work into plastic areas.
  2. Allow to cure until almost dry.
  3. Buff with a clean Microfibre Cloth to ensure even coverage.


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