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AutoBrite - Just Wheels 500ml

Brand: AutoBrite Direct
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Just Wheels is specially made to tackle brake dust and road grime.
This is achieved by using a high-quality formula of highly concentrated cleaners and degreasers.
The high foaming effect helps with lubrication while cleaning your wheels.

This ensures safe cleaning of even the most sensitive wheel finishes.
Moreover, this high foaming effect makes Just Wheels suitable for application via a sprayer.
Application in this manner can increase contact time. This allows the product to safely lift and encapsulate dirt and brake dust.
Makes your wheel cleaning experience much easier!
Just Wheels shampoo is an excellent way to quickly restore the fresh, clean appearance of your alloys.
A must-have product, especially if your wheels have previously been protected or treated with a ceramic coating.

Using Just Wheels Shampoo is a simple and effective way to bring out the shine in your vehicle's wheels.
To start, make sure your wheels are cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.

Start by rinsing the wheels with water to remove loose dirt and grime.
For particularly dirty wheels, a pre-rinse with a high-pressure cleaner can help loosen the dirt more effectively.
Once the first rinse is complete, shake the bottle of Just Wheels Shampoo to ensure even distribution of the product.
Depending on the degree of contamination and the size of your wheels, dilute the shampoo in a bucket of water as indicated on the label.

Using a special wheel brush or glove, dip it in the soapy water and gently shake the solution back and forth to create foam.
Run the brush or mitt over the surface of each wheel, paying close attention to complicated areas and hard-to-reach areas.

Just Wheels Shampoo's advanced formula helps lift brake dust, road grime and other contaminants while being gentle on wheel finishes.
After you have thoroughly cleaned each wheel, rinse them with a steady stream of water to remove all traces of shampoo and lifted dirt.
Be sure to use a separate rinse bucket to clean your brush or glove during the process to avoid re-staining dirt on the wheels.

Finally, dry the wheels with a clean microfiber cloth or drying towel to prevent water spots and leave a glossy finish.

Autobrite Direct's Just Wheels Shampoo is designed to simplify and improve the wheel cleaning process, helping your vehicle's wheels stand out with a renewed shine.

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