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AutoBrite Direct

AutoBrite - Purple Velvet 5L

Marque: AutoBrite Direct
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Autobrite Purple Velvet high gloss car shampoo is rich and luxurious, with an amazing dilution that creates a thick lather that coats your vehicle, trapping dirt and leaving a velvety shine.

The Purple Velvet has a smooth finish every time, is pH neutral and won't damage existing wax or LSP layers, and is great for regular car cleaning.
A truly beautiful shampoo that does everything you need, just wait until you smell it!
Give Purple Velvet High Gloss Shampoo a try!

The goal when washing your car should be to remove as much contamination as possible before performing our Safe 2 bucket contact wash.
Therefore, when washing your pride and joy, we strongly recommend that you perform a Pre Wash process using, for example, the Citrus Wash followed by the Magifoam or one of our other pre-wash snow foams.

For the washing process we recommend using 2 buckets, equipped with Gritguard to minimize the risk of freely floating dirt.
Fill both buckets with fresh water, one for rinsing and one for your washing solution.
Purple Velvet shampoo is an exceptionally high-shine, high-foaming shampoo that cleans and maintains.
Contains the best ingredients to remove all types of dirt from your paint.
For general use, the Purple Velvets dilution ratio of 1500-1 translates to 10 ml or a single capful per 18 liter bucket.
After adding your chosen shampoo, stir the solution with a moving water source, such as a hose or pressure washer, to achieve the desired level of foam.

Use a high-quality wash mitt and start washing your vehicle from top to bottom, applying minimal pressure to your chosen detergent.
Make sure your washing media is rinsed regularly to prevent the build-up of particles in the media and reduce the chance of paint damage.
If you are washing the car on a hot day, we recommend washing panel by panel as you go.
After the wash is complete, rinse the vehicle thoroughly, making sure to remove any shampoo residue from the panel gaps and door latches.
We recommend using Top Gloss Shine as a drying aid to reduce the chance of water spots and leave a glossy finish.

Dry the surface with your favorite drying towel and finish with a glaze or one of our detailing sprays


  • Magical and luxurious shampoo with luxurious foam
  • Leaves a high gloss finish
  • Highly concentrated dilution ratio of 1500 - 1
  • Leaves a nice smooth finish
  • Wonderful scent "Juicy Fruit".
  • PH Neutral formula - safe on all wax surfaces
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