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CarPro - Wash Box

Marque: CarPro
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This CarPro Wash Box ensures that you can maintain your vehicle optimally.

CarPro Reset

Reset powerfully breaks down road pollution while being gentle on the surface to be treated. Because the shampoo foams very well, ensures that the washmitt glides easily over the paint and has an excellent mixing ratio, this is an excellent and economical shampoo.

CarPro Hand Wash

The CarPro Hand Wash is made from a full "twin microfiber mix" with which the paint can be washed safely. The synthetic microfiber blend is made in such a way that contamination is removed from the paint and is absorbed deeply into the fiber so that it cannot scratch the paint. This allows scratch-free washing of even delicate paintwork.

Carpro Dhydrate

The CarPro Dhydrate towel is a drying towel for streak- and scratch-free drying of your vehicle. The Dhydrate drying towel has been specially developed to absorb maximum water when it glides over the paint.

Carpro Elixir

CarPro Elixir is a High Gloss Quick Detailer that combines great ease of use with the high-gloss and hydrophobic properties of ceramic technology. CarPro Elixir is an absolutely phenomenal product with amazing shine, depth and hydrophobic properties that last for up to weeks.

Carpro 2Face

The CarPro 2 Face Microfiber is the ideal cloth for many activities. Use the 2Face towel to remove various products.

Contents Carpro Wash Box:
1x Reset shampoo 500ml
1x CarPro Hand Wash
1x CarPro Dhydrate towel
1x CarPro Elixir 500ml
1x CarPro 2 Face towel

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